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Why don’t Asian Women shave their…

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By Askmamu Staff,

This question is basically on everyone’s mind because there is hardly any Asian woman, who shaves their genital area, completely different in the aspect of western women. The modern age has made many changes but some things are there like a tradition, non shaving is one of them, and it is being continued from ages; however fashion conscious any Asian woman may be, you will hardly find anyone who clear region between their legs. This may be questioning or surprising to many people but if you see the reasons from their point of view, the causes are quite obvious to be followed by them.

First of all, the female genital area is very sensitive and greatly responsive to even a little bit of discomfort or pain, due to the dense number of nerves and reflex tissues are present there, so in attempt of shaving, there is quite a bit risk of cutting or bleeding as woman are not accustomed to any kind of shaving unlike men. So it bears a great deal of fear and embarrassment for the lady if she cuts herself while shaving in the vital region, apart from the pain it will cause, the thought of this problem prevents them from shaving in any way possible.

To remove hair, waxing is a good technique; women are comfortable with the idea of plucking hair or waxing from unwanted body parts like eyebrow or face but it inflicts pain for them. As far as the genital part is concerned, that is one of the most sensitive body parts which are nearly impossible to remove hair from by waxing or plucking as the process will be extremely painful. Chemical ingredients also not used by Asian girls from the fear of infection or bad odor.

And even if they remove by shaving or any way possible, it again feels pain when the hair grows back, hurts continuously and to prevent that she has to shave regularly like many western woman does, but the process is time consuming and most troubling for which no Asian woman want to try it.

So apart from the time and trouble it taken to clean up their pubic hair, Asian woman find it typically weird to shave up her genital as there is no such tradition among them and it goes against their ritual to do so. Again, shaving makes them uncomfortable and uneasy regardless if her sexual partner wants it badly, she feel its weird to fulfill this demand of him for these necessary reasons. So you have to see through her eye why it is difficult to find any Asian woman with clean shaved private part that is described here with the reasons from their personal point of view.

So guys, next time you judge the Asian girl that you are married to or dating, think about her feelings first before you ask her to shave ’em off all. Do not let your mind manipulate just because you have seen lots of nude pictures of Asian girl without hair online. Remember, they are models and doing it for money. The girl you are with is natural and is not doing it for money. Women take their privacy seriously so be very careful how you approach them. If you seriously want them to shave, then perhaps you should shave yours to set an example and by seeing that if she naturally wants to shave hers, thats fine but do not ask!

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  • Diqi said:

    Hi I agree that its tough but its like its any easy for other women ” Non Desi” I think its more mental than physical thing…
    Personaly, I am not a Cave MAN not I dont my partner to be a CAVE GIRL Either…
    Its just not clean and a HUGE turn off

  • Hrmm said:

    Yeah I agree with above, it really is a huge turn-off, and also it obstructs oral sex, I personally wouldn’t go down on an unshaved woman. It’s every bit as difficult/risky for us men to shave/trim our pubic hair, so that renders your sob story completely redundant.
    It’s common courtesy is all, and good hygiene, if you’re sexually active – shave your bush. If you’ve never received head with a shaved bush, then you’ve never had good head.

  • Tanya said:

    Hygiene and cleanliness have to do with two things only: soap & water. They have nothing to do with hair. Get over yourselves.

    Guess what else is a HUGE turn-off? Shallow-minded, fake and fickle men & women.

    You want to know how to really receive good head? Find a girl who doesn’t give a damn.

  • American said:

    I have always wondered if a girl were unshaven if it would be a turn off for me. I dated a Japanese girl and I have to say it wasn’t. It all comes down to preference. There is nothing unclean about hair down there. I never had any issue doing something. As long as its not just about sex then you won’t have an issue doing anything either.

  • sonu222 said:

    Its funny you guys have this article.
    I don’t know I cant speak for other men but I am fine with it.
    I don’t like girl with NO hair at all it looks very bold. I like my woman to have some hair. My Ex she use to make designs whenever she trim :-)

  • Pansy Morrison said:

    I have always wondered if a girl were unshaven if it would be a turn off for me. I dated a Japanese girl and I have to say it wasn’t. It all comes down to preference. There is nothing unclean about hair down there. I never had any issue doing something. As long as its not just about sex then you won’t have an issue doing anything either.

  • chris said:

    I loved Asian women who are shaved. Since it is more taboo in Asian cultures, it makes it more sexy and a bigger turn on. Dispite a society that looks down on women who shaves, finding one that does shows she is a risk taker and willing to go against social norms and is in touch with her own sexuality (instead of repressing it, which much of Asian culture requires of women).

    The whinge story about hurting is a load of crap. Other women all over the world shave their pussies, so why cannot Asian women. The pain and danger are no different.

  • dennis said:

    wow you guys are so disrespectful to women!
    I personally agree with the statement that its nicer to have her shaved down there, but thats only a sexual way of thinking.
    Its just a matter of respect to let her decide for herself. True love doesnt come with these kind of worries.
    I dont know if its really true that it hurts more to asian women to shave, but its also a matter of culture and self respect for them (non-western asian women). Its also true that alot of asian guys think its hot because it shows how innocent and pure she is.

    But come on guys.. stop thinking with your dicks and actually like the girl and personality! but dont get me wrong, bald is way better

  • phonics said:

    Pure and innocent? Really? They probably don’t shave to help cover up their beat up catcher mitts.

    PS that shit is nasty. Its the 21 century for God’s sake. Build a nano robot to keep you shaved since you “don’t have time.” You guys are good at that.

  • Ben said:

    shave your axed chop please

  • Chris said:

    I love a shaved girl. However, I would never ask someone to do something they don’t want to. You either want to be with someone sexually or you don’t. I’m sure there are things about all of us that every partner would like to change but the world is a imperfect place. Just be glad she’s willing to let you get down there, shaved or not, and enjoy life.

  • xen said:

    hey guys….. with or without hair if a woman is really hygienic and if u really love her you will appreciate it no matter how it looks like. Simply mostly asians doesnt shave because they are comfortable with it….. as someone said awhile ago. You are with a normal person and not a porn star showing her “cave” to everyone.

  • Atul said:

    hii guys,
    its little bit wierd to talk on this matter.
    i am asian, this time i am living in thailand. i hav a gf and when i saw that she has not shave from last many times then i asked her why you dont shave it. she said normally many girls specially Buddisht Girls nver shave. but some of them still do becoz of their partner. It is not all over asia. in india i have seen maximum girls shave their pussy. although not very often.

    For me i also prefer shaved pussy, coz when you are licking that time hairy pussy cant get you little uncomfortable than the shaved one.

  • Cindy said:

    Men love shaved vaginal areas, but don’t realize that stubble hairs do come back and are hard to remove with wax or shaving, so sometime a woman has to let it grow out some till the hairs are soft again so when a man goes down on her, the stubble hair won’t rub against the mans penis. It can become irritating to him.

  • Hugh said:

    Tanya is right on with her comment!

    Shaved or not has nothing to do with cleanliness. I’ve had some bushy hippie girls and nice clean shaven average girl next door types. The only turn off would be if an Italian girl or other type of excessively hairy race girl had hair growing out her ass and on her thighs and you didnt know where stuff began or ended would I consider a bush a turnoff; I guess it’s a forest at that point…

  • Tiffany said:

    First of all, Tanya is an idiot. Why don’t you find a partner who ‘doesn’t give a damn’ that you’re a fat tranny? Oh, that too much? Well, pubic hair is too much for many people. Don’t pontificate on what we are or are not supposed to ‘give a damn’ about, bitch.

    And for good reason. If it’s not head/facial decoration, hair is kind of gross. Especially on women. Women aren’t supposed to be hairy. This isn’t me talking, this is evolutionary biology. So you ‘deal with it’.

    I am half-Japanese and I can’t believe my cousins don’t shave. It’s a huge obstruction for sex, it doesn’t look good at all (if you think it does that’s called a FETISH) and it doesn’t go with a bikini or tight undies.

    It’s not that God damn difficult to shave/wax it. It takes a few minutes, and while the pubic area is sensitive it’s not made of tissue paper. A cut will be annoying but it’s not going to kill you. Anyone using that as a reason is either unreasonably paranoid or making excuses.

  • liam said:

    i was dating indian femail she often asked me to shave her pussey n 1 day i asked her y she doesnt shave it her self n she explained me she never shaved her pussey cos asain women dont shave if she got married n her husband found out he will not fuck her n will not licked her pussey till pussey hair grow back to good lenth the only reson asian dont shave is for there husbands happness she said she’ll love to have clean shaven pussie cos its feels great but she cant i felt so sorry for her she had really gorgeous pussie wen clean shaven.

  • patrick said:

    it blows my mind to see such bafoonary. shaving the genitals is a western culture thing. I have been with natural and bald women. hair has nothing to do with hygien whatsoever. its the individuals hygien that comes into play.. if a guy or girl is unclean then hair or no hair will make much of a difference. I prefer natural. but wouldn’t deny a woman shaving if she wanted to.

  • Andy said:

    It is mostly the North Asian women that are against shaving, the Japanese women in particular.

    The Thai girls often shave these days, at least the ones that are interested in hooking up with western men. The ones that live outside the tourist areas are completely different. Vietnamese girls are against shaving in general however.

    In India the Moslem women shave but not the Hindus. In Indonesia it is pretty common that the women shave mostly due to Moslem traditions rather then western trends I guess.

  • Pat said:

    I think that natural women are sexy!!
    Women should never shave their genital area. Legs and armpits, ok, shaved; but please, keep your bush down there!!

    I prefer asian women because it´s very likely to find hair down there. Western women are mostly completely shaved, unfortunately.

    By the way, pakistani women do not shave as well, and they are veeery sexy too!!

  • knowledge said:

    hmmm i have a korean girl friend.
    so excited to see her pussy.
    she is virgine so cant have deep sex.
    me removing her pants slowly. :)
    boooooooooooooooooooooooooooom :O
    there is a garden.:(
    me sad :(
    me very sad :(((

  • andrew said:

    I love the way asian women have hairy pussy it look is nice and hot,cute,sexy,love it.
    I love asian women hairy pussy.
    I have hairy ballls and I hope women love my hairy balls.
    I love hairy pussy or no hair on pussy.

  • Eric said:

    I am Chinese and my Chinese gf refused to shave. So I shaved mine and joke about it. Then she let me shaved her. She was scared of cuts at beginning. It felt shied and ashamed being hairless at the beginning. I act like I am seeing and angel whenever she is cleaned down there and have wild sex with her like there is no tomorrow. Now, she shaves by herself and show off to me whenever she see me.

  • AL said:

    The question is not why don’t they shave, but why would they? It’s not like it’s the most natural thing to do. Shaving one’s genitals is a cultural thing, and it just hasn’t caught on in that part of the world. So if you don’t like natural pussies, stay in your safe bubble at home.

  • John Cohen said:

    As a man in his 40s who came of age in a time when NOBODY shaved their genitals, this whole conversation is hilarious to me. I happen to like pubic hair. The only reason young people aren’t into it is that porn stars began shaving about ten years ago, around the time that porn became ubiquitous and easily accessed. So now young people who are learning about sex from porn think that everybody has to shave. Bullsh*t. As someone who finds pubic hair sexy, I now have to watch asian porn just to find any!

  • Jazz psycho said:

    i don’t know about you guys but, o.k they leave too much hair in that area, some thing nice if they have some, but god! the leave too much.

  • Jonny said:

    Seriously, what is wrong with some of you guys writing in? You won’t go down or get upset because she has a bush?

  • Jack said:

    I don’t think not shaving is unhygienic, given that even in western societies it has only become popular in the last 10 years and even then I think you’ll find that it’s predominantly done amongst the younger generation. There’s no doubt that this trend has developed from the rise of the internet and subsequent easier access to porn. As John has said before me, teenagers are very impressionable people and many have assumed that what they see in porn is the social norm. This has led to the popularity of shaving. As for what looks better, like all things it’s subjective but you can’t claim that someone that doesn’t shave is less hygienic. I’m 22 and I prefer woman not to shave but I don’t really care either way. My current partner did shave before she met me, until I told her that it didn’t bother me, she was more than happy to stop it and now she just trims. So girls don’t feel obliged to shave down there if you don’t want to.

  • Tina said:

    Some of you people are unbelievable. It’s one thing to prefer a girl to shave, it’s another to insult her for not doing it. If you go around clubbing and having sex with every girl in sight but stop at a natural pussy then that’s you. But if you like to settle in relationships and can’t get past that then shame on you, the girl deserves better. It is ten times more comfortable to not shave or only trim. What some of you people need to get over is the fact that not every girl is a pornstar and if you really love a girl she should be sexy to you no matter what.

  • Darmstadter said:

    Shaving or removing the ***** hair comes under SELF HYGIENE, woman as well as man must remove it regularly. Asians don’t shave because they are DIRTY!

  • bernard said:

    This is just bullshit. None of the white girls I have slept with have shaved pussy. Just because most of the white virgin guys see girls in online porn having shaved pussy they assumed all girls have shaved pussy. If you do not like unshaven pussy in the real world then I guess that you have to beat off in front of your computer while watching porn.

  • Majdi said:

    C’mon now guys, this is a non-sense, hairy or not, a peach is a peach, so stop thinking with your… If u truly love her it doesnt matter if she shave it or not, ’cause U are dating a normal girl, not a adult film star. Well and sorry if I sound rude, but im not talking about monkey-girls,but first consider her feeling and be gladly enough to get on her pants, because she is letting u, her most important thing.If u want them shaved, there are a lot of of whor*s out there. And someone said one can not die from a cut in her private part. As a medical student I say u can.There are lots of bloody vessels and capillary on the vagina,and u may die from hemorrhage or infections, if its not treated. And to u all virgin, stop complaining, stop watching adult films and go out to find real normal girls….

  • Connie said:

    Well,I am a woman and for me,Waxing my genital area is very important.
    I can’t have sex and having hair all over it,Its disgusting and a turn off..Its much sexier to have it waxed,Or at least make some designs,Leave some hair on the top..
    If i was gonna go down on a woman I wouldn’t want to get my tongue caught in any hair,So I can understand why Men don’t like it.
    We are not cave people.
    If A woman wants to leave it bushy that’s her Decision, But if her man won’t like it then she should expect that,Because its not something that everyone likes,,Unless they have a bush fetish lol.
    For me,Waxing my pussy is a must. I like a clean,Nice soft skin down there.

  • ninja said:

    I like Japanese girls, but when its too hairy its a turn off. I prefer when it is trimmed with a bit left above. Bald is ok as well. I don’t think I would say no if she is nice and has a bush though.

  • damn said:

    It is actually a bad omen in Chinese culture not to have pubic hair as those women are seen as “bad luck” for their husbands. On the other hand, hairy is seen as mature, womanly and sexy (?) to men to some cultures I believe.

  • jerry said:

    i dont like shave women it looks like theyre little girls.

  • Donpata1960 said:

    Just look at shaved and unshaved pussies. The shaved pussy is just like a traingular plot of barren land. Unshaved pussy with full of dark curly hair is like a work of art and highly erotic . While love making one can just run his fingers through the bush and get a very tickelish feeling while the girl with hairy pussy gets sexually aroused which leads to wetness in the pussy.Even while kissing the pussy the man gets highly a ticklish and an erotic feeling.Gently rub your cock on the hairy surface you will get a feeling as if the cock is about to burst.What is the position if you go to rub you cock on the surfce of a shaved pussy.The tiny bristles will give the cock an annoying feeling because of the coarse surface of te pussy.It is not such a difficult task to keep the bush in a clean and tidy state .In any case that part will be washed covering the bush as well.During intercourse there canot be any problem because the vaginal passage is not fully covered with hair.The girl can easily seperate the hair from the passage and let the cock to glide through the slipery hole to do the needful. In any case remember hair encloses air giving an insulating coveribng to the pussy.Never destroy natural vegitation.

  • amoun said:

    as sustomary observe, muslim ladies do shave their pubic hair every 40 days . They did this because to make themselves clean in order to perform the solat as it can be dirty because of urine or vaginal fluid . They cannot do the solat when unclean especially during their period.

  • MPA said:

    The reasons stated by the author as to why Asian women don’t shave is silly. As if only Asian women have sensitive genital areas, or doesn’t like pain from waxing or plucking hairs down there.

    “The answer is obvious”. NO it is not.

  • fifi said:

    i love shave pussy like mine. it feels good to be lick down there. most men love to go down on women. why dont the chinese ladies like it, they are losing one of natures great job

  • Dan Kelly said:

    I’m an old-school from the ’70’s & ’80’s I remember a time in America when men, black or white loved REAL HAIRY PUSSIES! (check out the ’80’s teen movie ‘PORKEY’S) Shaving razors have been around for thousands of years. All of a sudden IT’S A MUST THAT WOMEN SHAVE THIER PUSSIES. (WTF?!) For “HYGYEN REASONS” Yeah Right. That would have been a requirement for women long ago! I don’t buy it. It dose’nt add up. AT ALL. I belive it has more to do with SICK TWISTED MEN, that have secret fantasy of wanting to have sex with SMALL CHILDREN. “HYGYEN REASONS” bullshit! That would have been done long ago!

  • Sexydoc said:

    Hey guys!

    Whats the harm in not shaving or trimming? I am a woman and hate to have hair down there, not to please my man but just coz its nasty…All Asian countries are so hot and humid…who wants to have hygiene issues there? During menstruation too, it can get nasty if there is hair…its the modern era in which we we are living in. laser technology is available which removes hair permanently and yes, it is safe! So, pls stop giving excuses for your laziness ladies, and keep ur area clean.

  • qwertz said:

    Hygiene, eh? Ever heard about things called ‘the water’ and ‘the soap?’ There’s an old saying in my country: ‘Most people wash their hands, the rest wash their genitals.’

    Nature gave us pubic hair for some reason: to keep bacteria AWAY from your private parts and keep your pheromones CLOSE to them.

  • Lilly said:

    Both of my parents are from Thailand, & it’s apart of Asian culture for the women not to shave. Back home most women don’t even shave under thier arms. In Asia women don’t shave thier vaginas because in asian culture it’s a sign of virtility & hygenic stemulation for men.

  • arz said:

    I think ladies should at least trim it. its very off putting for the male.
    you cant find the hole in the forest sometimes. looking down during missionary is traumatizing….
    there is no way I would go down on her if its bushy, just gross.
    please trim Asian women =)

  • CE said:

    So basically, what the author is saying is that Asian women are weak (dont like pain) and closed minded. The tradition of shaving your parts is not steeped in western tradition. It is relatively a new fashing trend of the last two decades or so (open any girlie magazine from the 80s or before and you will see).

    Asian women who dont shave are just closed minded, naive and ignorant

  • Phiber Optik said:

    It is really quite simple. American women shave their pussies because it gives the illusion of youth—prepubescent females are very attractive to the youth-worshoping US culture, so if a 20 year-old female can shave and appear to be 12, so much more appealing to the males who find teens and pre-teens less threatening than grownup women. The Asians have no such problem, at least not to the degree found in the West.

  • pete said:

    I wonder if those who prefer it shaved – shave themselves? Secondly, the pubic hair serves a purpose as does the hair on your head and everywhere else, it filters impurities , it also stores enzymes that release or are stored for mating. The males hormones are tuned into this smell. So shave it if you want but remember you are dirtier than those who utilize the protection they were given. Japanese women keep it hairy – I love you all………….T

  • RealAsian said:

    What the heck..? Why people are so narrow-minded and judgemental is beyond me. Has it ever occurred to you that some Asian’s do shave? And also it is incredibly racist and ignorant to just stereotype.

    The fact that someone quoted “Asians are dirty”. What does that make white women who don’t shave?

    And all this talk about cultural difference and Asians being “naïve and closed minded” is just bull. It’s a choice. Clean and simple. Yes, there is more influence in America but China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. There is this thing called Internet and this thing called porn.

    Don’t assume because someone is different to you, it makes them inferior. Because trust me, there are just as many “naïve, ignorant and close-minded” Americans out there. Each girl is different, don’t discriminate an entire race because of a couple of misconceptions and one night stands.

  • JOE said:

    I so happen to find unshaved women attractive because the male gets a “warm coat”during the ride and it is normal to have. Like they say, everyone has their own way of looking at things.

  • Donald said:

    I 100% agree with your answer .Hairy pussy gives an aesthetic appearance making her very erotic and highly desirable compared to a shaved pussy which has the look of a skinned chicken ready for cooking .It gives a ticklish feeling to the male while love making especially oral.Shaved pussy has a rough surface which can even scrape the head of the dick. Moreover hair encloses air and forms an insulating cover of the pussy making it cool and comfortable .Soap and water is freely available here and our females are not that lazy to use them and keep the little one in topping condition except for few days in the month due to a natural cause

  • Andrew said:

    Have any of you idiots ever heard of hair clippers? They don’t cut like a razor. They have different levels to cut hair. such idiots

  • Danny said:

    I once saw a really pretty Korean girl – with makeup, long hair, high heels, shaved legs – just someone who looked like they cared about their appearance.

    However, when skirt came off, I could see long, curly hair peaking out of her thongs. Gross.

    Asians are just too wimpy to wax. As if white girls don’t have the pain problem.

  • Madmike said:

    I don’t know why they don’t shave. Maybe for the most part their flowers are small and full in which they dont have too. Ive dated many asian women and even the ones who didn’t shave their armpits didn’t have to because there was practically nothing there. Face it folks…asian women are the most petite and feminine women in the world; shaved or unshaved.

  • Jacob said:

    Read the top two comments and am ashamed to be a part of the male gender. I’m only 19 which is considered to be “the sexually immature age” and I find these comments not only stupid and illogical, but also completely immature and disrespectful. You don’t get to judge a women on where she can and can’t grow her hair because hair growth isn’t controllable and if she doesn’t want to put in uncomfortable efforts to control it, well then that’s her choice.

  • milad said:

    Hi , I agree , But this is my experience with my love
    any time she didn’t shave, does not want to have sex , She was very shy. and i think every things depend for her mother , how she learns to her , and quality of life. If someone believes something, even if it is willing to endure pain

  • Oleg said:

    It is funny to read so many comments from girls and guys who condemn the female pubic hair, stating that hair down there is something “wrong”, “dirty”, “nasty”, “unnacceptable”, and so on. I wonder, What do you expect from an adult woman?? As an adult female, she has hair down there, little girls don´t.
    Even in the 80´s and early 90´s, absolutely no one talked about waxing the vulva or being completely shaved. Every single woman had her bush down there, and no one cared. That was the social norm. Men went down and no one complained. You knew you would find pubic hair when removing her pants. And when you saw all these women at the pool or the beach, you knew that everybody had hairy genitals well covered by the bikini. Is this too shoking for younger generations?? Hey, I am not that old, just in the middle of my 30´s, but I grew up with the image of women with hair down there. That was the standard and it had nothing to do with hygiene.
    Yes, Internet in the late 90´s brought new concepts, porn was too accessible, and the fashion of shaving became popular. At the beginning, the “exotic” category displayed bare models, later a woman with hair down there was called “hairy”, and the bald ones became normal. Hair became nasty, and shaven vulvas became the accepted rule. As a consequence, if you are a young boy or young woman (under 25), you probably would buy the argument that shaved vulvas are cleaner, sexier, and definitely, a must. For you, pubic hair is repulsive, ugly and dirty. And unfortunately, social media, advertising and female beauty products have enhanced the idea that a shaved woman is the good one. As a consequence, western women from all ages have adopted this silly fashion (many forced by their male partners) and nowadays is very hard to find an adult woman with hair down there in USA, Europe and even Latin America. This trend of brazilian waxing is everywhere, and I am afraid it may reach Asia as well.
    Women: Being natural down there has nothing to do with hygiene. Do not follow the trends just because your friends do. This is a whole profitable industry, and they want you to suck your money. They have set a model of beauty which is false, but they sell it as the truth: If you don´t shave, then you are ugly, you are dirty, your sexual performance is poor, you are smelly, you are old fahioned, you are the odd one, no man would like to go down there… all that is bullshit!! All lies. Do no buy what they say. On the contrary, I invite you to research about the benefits of keeping your pubic hair. You will be surprised and will stop shaving completely. Please, do research!

    I have the hope that men will prefer natural women in the future and this stupid fashion will come to an end. In the mean time, many of us will continue to find decent women that keep hair under the pants… although today, we will probably have to travel to Asia… .

  • ckzs said:

    Having hair down there has NOTHING to do with higiene, quite the contrary – without hair there is no ventilation around vaginal area because panties are too close to skin hence the possible irritation and inflammation. I have dated girls with and without hair and there where no difference in terms of sexual appetite or higiene. If you have problems with vaginal odor then you should seek professional help, because a healthy vagina does not smell no matter how much hair it has around. The way the very question is formulated reveals the problem; we should ask the opposite – why many western woman are shaving their genitals? I agree that only reason why shaving has become a “norm” is due to advertisement and porn industry – it is just a massive socio-cultural indoctrination that benefits certain businesses. I am not saying that woman or man must not shave – if you prefer it that way then it is your choice – the problem is that it has become an aggressive norm that is being enforced by feeding images of supposed “normality” and “abnormality”. All of a sudden having hair is a “weird fetish” and not having – a healthy choice. I just hate that line of argument.

  • Higgy said:

    Wow, there’s a lot of talk about this issue. Maybe just compromise like trimming instead compleley shaved. I’ve politely asked this with my wife and she was ok with this. Maybe she ok’d it because she’s Italian and I think you know the what I mean about hair. I’m 50 and I like the landind strip style but to eaches own.

  • Higgy said:

    Wow more. I didn’ read Oleg’s comment until now. I’ve been divorced for about 3 years so I am no longer with my wife and been with no one since, unfortunately.

    I did not realize that ALL American women are shaving all. I thought it was only the younger generation like maybe 20 to 30 yrs. old and not all like 20 to ?…

    The only reason why I am researching this a little is because I am about to meet a 44 yr. old lady from China and was curious about this subject. Being a gent. it’s not a big deal and more interested in true love than this subject that is so heavily debated here. In my opinion, it’s sort of rediculous.

  • Greg said:

    My experience with dating Asian woman in Asia and Canada is that most woman want to be sexy for there man. I dated four different woman in Thailand and all kept themselves very well maintained. I never ask for them to trim or shave but they took it upon themselves to do it. Even the first time having sex they would be freshly shaved. I was told by a Thai girlfriend that Japanese, Korean and Chinese men do not want the woman to shave. In Canada I dated a Chinese lady who came from Beijing to meet me. The first time we had sex she was unshaven and I said nothing. The second time she was freshly shaven and told me this was her first time shaving. I asked her why and she told me because I was all trimmed she thought she should shave to be sexier. She was right and now gets great oral all the time. Also, a note to the guys; you should be well maintained too if you expect the woman to be. If a woman shaves for you, it means she expects you to go down on her and give her a lot of attention.

  • don said:

    By claiming an unshaved or natural woman is unclean your just attempting to justify your little girl fetish because that is really what this bald female genitals thing is about.

    If you have a partner who is willing to indulge you in your fetish , so be it , but don’t make claims that it’s wrong for a woman to leave herself natural because there are plenty of natural men who are completely fine with this.

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