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Explore the woman’s spots, she loves to be touched

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By: Goher Iqbal Punn, askMamu.com

women_wants_to_be_touchedA lot has been said and practiced on the parts of women, where she would like the men to touch like the boobs, nipples and belly. But there are so many other spots on a woman’s body, which are yet to be explored. And these are the spots, if touched; your lady will climb on you getting hugely horny. Forget your fetishes about a woman’s big cleavage and bosom. Just discover the ways where she feels aroused.

It is natural and utterly true that the women are sensuous creatures who love to be kissed and caressed. The guys often make mistakes by going straight to the woman’s boobs and other private parts whereas they skip to concentrate on her other moan zones. So if you like your girl to get fully horny then stimulate some of her often neglected body parts.

During you do foreplay and sex, just touch these neglected spots and then see the rewards, you lady will confer you in bed.

You must be wondering as to which are these neglected spots, where a woman starts moaning. These are as under:

Every other boy likes a woman with beautiful hair and hairstyles. But this nobody knows that a woman loves to be touched on her head. Obviously when one touches the hair, it relives the stress. Besides, when you run your fingers in your girl’s tresses sensuously, it will send shivers down to her spine. After that massage her head softly up to her neck, then the game is on your hand. She will respond to your desires.

Nape of Her Neck:
There are hardly any men who focus on woman’s nape of the neck. Try touching gently on this zone from hairline down to shoulders and then apply kisses there, this will shake her up with mammoth sex desires.

Collar Bone:
Men find collarbone irresistible. So why not to touch and kiss your gal there! Just unbutton her shirt a little and then touch the spot. Make circles with your tongue and then give her love bites right at the spot. Pleasures will ooze out simply for you. She will eat you up.

Small of Woman’s Back:
Women love it when their men places their protective hand against the small of their back, as this gesture shows that their men feel strongly about them. So why not to take it into your foreplay routine by kissing or licking down her spine to end up with a kiss on the small of her back. Result, you may check automatically.

Behind the Knees:
This area of body is called the power house of sensitive nerve endings. You should go for gently caressing the back of your lady’s knee. You can do this in public while slipping your hand into her skirt or outfit so that when you reach home, the woman is ready for the pleasures.

Palms of the Hands:
You can stimulate your lady through the palm of her hands. Just run your fingers along her palm, this will do the rest for your fruitful pleasures in bed.

This is very sensitive part of a woman. Just touch, kiss and gently bite the earlobes, this act will send the shivers in your woman’s body. Don’t put your tongue inside her ears.

Just give her a foot massage, it will relax her fully. While doing so, put extra pressure on her toes, ankles and the sides of her feet. Some of the women love her toes to be sucked, so you may go for that also.

Touching woman’s thighs without slipping your hand in her private part teases her the most. It will charge her up fully. Just employ your mouth and hands to kiss the inner side of the thighs. The woman will be hot and horny and once she becomes so, the benefit will go to your end.

So, you guys enjoyed these tips? Apply them and then make your lady your love slave. Let Mamu know through comments below how things goes…


  • shreedhar said:

    not all girls liked 2 b touched by male.only some those are not so traditional, even i have cn some of girls slapping boys 4 just accidental touch in bus ,railways……

  • Ajeeb said:

    Try touching and kissing shaved armpits. This gives your lady tremendous pleasure and arousal.

  • Sheikh said:

    Did you personaly experinece all that?

  • Dj R said:

    2 Girls togeter love to be kissed and licked all in those areas one after the other. Kiss one there then touch the other there and so on ♥

  • xen said:

    FYI: womans thigh, nape and earlobes are really sensitive…. kiss or just a simple carress will make her ignite…its true coz im a woman. Hahaha!

  • angel said:

    shreedhar its obvious that if you touch a gal she will slap you. but here we are tokink about a guy touching “his gal”.

  • Grand Acer said:

    Kiss her between her boobs and see the result

  • Lola said:

    If someone bit my ear , i would not find that attractive

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